Calibrachoa have become the new "it" spiller, beautiful blooms in mid spring, right through the heat of the summer into the cool nights of late autumn.

Calibrachoas were introduced to the gardening public in the 1990s by Japanese breeders. The original parents were found growing in rocky coastal areas and thus were called seaside petunias.

In the 21st century garden, Calibrachoa have become the new "it" spiller for hanging baskets, window boxes and pots. They are less fussy than their cousin Petunia and more versatile than Verbena. Give Calibrachoa a little fertilizer and water and poof! Beautiful blooms in mid spring, right through the heat of the summer into the cool nights of late autumn. They even look great in partially shaded areas, so they are perfect for that spot that only gets a few hours of afternoon sun. The amazing selection of flower color and size is sure to offer a winning combination for almost any setting. Brightly colored varieties attract hummingbirds as well!

Breeders continue to work with Calibrachoa to turn out dazzling new color combinations, uniform well-branched plants and mounding or trailing varieties.

There are at least eight different series which makes the selection is a bit overwhelming. Most of us choose a Calibrachoa based on color. There some other basic characteristics such as growth habit and vigor that can also influence deciding on a variety. We have done our best to highlight unique characteristics. Different varieties tend to be available at different points in the season. Generally you can find a primary color of a Calibrachoa May through July.

Here we have simplified a few terms to help make choosing varieties easier.

Growth habits

Mounding and/or semi-trailing

Mounding calibrachoa
Calibrachoa Annual Trials - Mounding

The majority of varieties fit in this category. They tend to grow 8-12" tall. They are great for the filler or spiller layer of the basket because they form a nice rounded mound that will gently spill over the edge of a container.


MiniFamous Compact Red calibrachoa
MiniFamous Compact Red Calibrachoa

These varieties have a mounding shape and generally grow 6-10" tall spreading 12-15" wide. These offer a tidier effect for the filler or spiller part of a container.

Minifamous Compact offers all the primary colors in this form. Other varieties include Colorburst Chocolate.


These varieties grow no taller than 3" and have trailing in the variety name. These varieties are especially good for spilling over the edges of containers. Colors are limited to blue, pink, sky blue and white.


Yellow Chiffon
Yellow Chiffon

This technically means a measure increase of plant growth. For simplification we will have the vigor of Calibrachoa varieties refer to the spread.

Regular vigor

Most varieties fit in this category and spread 15-18". They are great for 10-14" baskets & containers, window boxes and a variety of other situations.


A handful of varieties can spread 24"+. These are especially good for large "city baskets" and seasonal ground covers. A few varieties include: Superbells Miss Lilac, Yellow Chiffon.

Flower patterns

On going breeding has offered a dazzling array of flower patterns in Calibrachoa. Here we have identified the most common types available.


Minifamous Apricot Red Eye
Minifamous Apricot Red Eye

A ring of contrasting color surrounding the throat. There are many varieties available such as Superbells Cherry Blossom, Coralberry Punch and Sweet Tart, Noa Almond Blossom and Orange eye.


Superbells Trailing Lilac Mist
Superbells Trailing Lilac Mist

Implies that the flower veins are a contrasting color. Some varieties include Callie White Rose Vein, Cabaret Mocha and Strawberry, and Superbells Trailing Lilac Mist.


Flowers have a contrasting vein color that bleeds into the petals. Varieties include Callie Star Coral, Rose and Pink


Similar to painted, but often has crisper definition. Superbells Cherry Star is the only variety with this patterning so far.


Can Can Terracotta Pansey
Can Can Terracotta Pansey

Flowers are streaked with two different colors. Varieties include Million Bells Crackling fire and Terra Cotta, and Voodoo.


MiniFamous Double Pink
MiniFamous Double Pink

Flowers have a second layer of petals filling the throat. The MiniFamous Doubles come in pink, magenta, orange, amethyst and lemon yellow. Small ½ - ¾ " flowers are very prolific.


New for 2016, Superbells Holy Moly which offers a unique flower pattern, light yellow flowers with magenta splatter overlay.

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