tender succulents

Luscious beauties for a architecturally stylish look that is oh so easy! They love the heat and dry feet. No fuss, no muss with these eye-catching plants.

Most tender succulents grow in sun provided there is some shade in the hottest part of the day. Some varieties, such as Henna, have totally different coloring in sun versus shade

Tender Succulents are:

  • Unusual foliage provides fantastic color and texture
  • Super low maintenance
  • Drought tolerant, love heat
  • Fertilize once at planting!
  • Overwinter indoors or take cuttings in fall
  • Versatile - use in pots, hanging baskets, window boxes or in ground
  • Combine great with Agave, Libertia, Gazania, Celosia and so much more!
tender succulents

Add Spring color to your garden with Annuals

Annuals are planted every year and provide color summer till frost. Many annuals can be wintered over indoors or reseed outdoors providing extra value to their flower power!