Asian Pear

Asian pears are a beautiful addition to the home garden. The trees have showy flowers, large, attractive leaves, beautiful bark, and nice fall color. Each variety has a different mixture of subtle flavors and is a refreshing treat for the palate.

Asian pears should be ripened on the tree and harvest time varies by variety. When the estimated ripeness date is near, pick a pear and taste it! If it’s crisp, sweet and juicy, harvest time has arrived. Asian Pears retain their crispness long after harvest when properly stored and can be easily canned.

Although the rootstocks used for Asian pears are the same as those used for European pears, Asian pears are smaller growing trees.

Pruning: Asian Pears are best pruned using the central leader method but an open center pruning form can be employed. Fruiting spurs (blooming wood) forms on 2-6 year old branches.

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Asian Pear