The Blackberries of the West are bred from those of the East and Midwest. They are shrubs with long, trailing branches. The fruit flavor is influenced by the wild blackberries of the Northwest.

Planting: Plant erect varieties 2-4 feet apart and trailing varieties 5-6 feet apart. Prune heavily at planting to encourage new growth. The roots are very sensitive to sunlight, so plant on a cloudy day.

Culture: Blackberries prefer rich soil, full sun and ample water (about one inch of water per week). Blackberry roots are perennial, the canes biennial: they fruit on second year growth. Each cane produces only once. The roots will produce for about ten years. Feed with a complete fertilizer at bloom time. Keep the area well weeded.

Staking and Pruning: Blackberries grow best on a trellis. String 2 wires 5 feet high with 18 inches between the wires. Train 1 year old canes on the trellis. Remove canes that have fruited after harvest and train canes of the current season onto the trellis. Prune these between 6 - 8 feet and remove all but 12 - 16 canes. In early spring, prune side branches to 1 foot.


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