Chestnuts are magnificent large trees with beautiful dark green, glossy leaves. In early summer they produce yellow catkins, and in early fall they make delicious nuts.

The chestnuts we carry are of Asian or European parentage, taking advantage of their resistance to chestnut blight.

Mature European hybrid chestnuts, like ‘Colossal’, can reach up to one hundred feet tall, while Chinese chestnuts are often closer to 40-60’ tall. They require full sun, well drained soil, and pollen from another chestnut tree for nut production.

The nut is contained in a spiny and very sharp capsule called a burr; when the nut is ready, the burr will turn yellow-brown and split.

Trees should be spaced twenty to forty feet apart. If you don’t have room for two majestic nut trees, scout around your neighborhood to see if there might already be a potential mate. Chestnuts are wind-pollinated, so the pollen can travel up to 200 feet. Grafted trees will bear in two to three years, and seedlings bear in five to seven years.

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