Figs are not only a sweet, delicious summer treat, they are easy to grow and their beautiful foliage and form add a tropical look to the garden.

Green, bronze, and mahogany colored fruit with juicy amber or white flesh ripens during hot summer months. Ripe fruit will be soft to the touch and it will wilt on the stem. Many of our varieties produce a second crop of fruit in September, and all of the varieties we carry are self-fertile.

Fig trees are pest-free, adaptable to many climate and soil conditions, and drought tolerant once established. They can be pruned to stay small, espaliered onto a fence or hot wall, or allowed to sprawl.

We often have more varieties of figs in small (#1) pots than in large sizes. Ask about where our small fruit trees are stocked. We’re happy to help!

Grows to 15-20’, loves sun & heat, hardy in USDA Zones 7-9.