Strawberries are divided into 2 classes by fruit bearing habit:

  • June-Bearing: Produces one heavy crop in late spring/early summer. Excellent flavor, preferred for preserves or freezing since they produce heavy quantities all at one time.
  • Day Neutral/Everbearing: Day neutral means that the plant is not affected by the length of the day. Produces fruit summer through fall, but not heavily at any one time. Flavor is excellent; great for eating fresh. These are the best type for container plantings.

Planting: Space plants 12-15” apart in rows. To allow space for runners, plant 18-24” apart with 3-4 feet between rows. Be careful to plant with crowns just above ground level. Remove flowers at planting. You can also use strawberry pots or hanging baskets to hold your berry plants.

Culture: Strawberries need full sun and soil that drains well. Use raised mounds when planting in heavy soil. Keep well watered throughout the season (about one inch of water per week); mulch to conserve moisture. Hand weed your berries because they are shallow rooted and do not compete well.

Fertilize twice a year, once in spring and again after first crop with a fertilizer high in phosphorus. Replace plants every two to three years with new varieties or runners produced from your existing plants.

Each plant produces about one quart of berries.


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