Most of these grapes are American varieties which are better suited to our climate. Most are slip skin, with soft flesh and a distinctive, musky flavor and aroma. Some will also make a nice wine. Please see variety descriptions for details.

Planting: Plant grapes at least 6-8 feet apart with 8-9 feet between rows in well-drained soil. Plant at the same depth as in the pot. Trim vine down to two remaining buds.

Culture: Choose a site which is not in a frost pocket, and is parallel to the prevailing winds. Full sun is required to ripen the fruit, so rows are best oriented in a north/south direction.

Grapes are adapted to a wide range of soil types, but do require good drainage. Water newly planted vines regularly (1-2 inches of water per week until mid-summer); mature vines are deeply rooted and require only occasional water. Watering prior to harvest will increase fruit size.

Mulch once a year in spring with aged manure. Too much fertilizer will cause the flower buds to fall off.


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