Imagine creating a beautiful stone pathway, with a soft-textured green leaves and blue flowers growing in between the stones.

Tolerant of heavy foot traffic, Pratia is a great choice for pathways and between stepping stones. The seed pods of Pratia attract birds and the plants make a good lawn substitute.

For those looking to add texture and color to rocky areas, Pratia also makes a good choice for growing over walls, in rock gardens, and  mixed containers. It makes an excellent living mulch; the dense soil cover it provides keeps out weeds. It’s also a good plant for erosion control. Pratia blooms repeatedly through the growing season and given the mild winters in Portland, it is also evergreen.

One caveat: Pratia suffers in compacted soil, so amend compacted or clay soils appropriately before installing a pathway. Pratia also provides another option for perennially sought after blue flowers in the garden.

Varieties you may find at Portland Nursery include:


Pratia angulata: White Star Creeper

Not technically Blue Star Creeper, this species has larger, ½ inch leaves and light blue or white flowers in summer. Leaves are dark green. Flowers are similar to those of lobelia, with two lobes in the upper lip and three lobes on the lower lip. Attractive, purple-red fruit adds another point of interest for this plant.


Pratia peduculata (Isotoma fluvialtilis, Laurentia fluviatilis)

Also known under the synonyms Isotoma fluviatilis and Laurentia fluviatilis, Pratia pedunculata, Blue Star Creeper- This plant has ¼ inch, bright green leaves that have a very small stem. Tiny, pale blue flowers bloom in late spring and summer.


Pratia peduculata ‘Alba:’ Super Star Creeper

Adorable tiny white star shaped flowers bloom atop 1-2” tall plants. Spreads 12-24” wide, thriving in full to part sun. Perfect for fairy gardens. Hardy to zones 6-9.


Pratia peduculata ‘County Park:’ Dark Blue Star Creeper

This variety can grow 1-5” tall and spread up to 18” a year. Stunning dark blue star shaped flowers heavily May thru June, with sporadic re-bloom in September. Hardy to zone 7.


Pratia peduculata ‘Little Star:’ Little Star Creeper

This low growing 1-2” tall creeper is covered with dozens of tiny true blue flowers May-June and sporadically in September. It thrives in full to part sun, average moisture and well drained soil. Hardy to zones 6-9.