A sturdy and stately plant with large dramatically variegated foliage and an easy disposition, the dieffenbachia are a wonderful addition to most homes.

Dieffenbachia is prized for its big eye-catching leaves. They lend an exciting tropical look with leaves in many shades of green that are marked with spots, stripes, dots or colored veins. Dieffenbachia can grow quite tall and they tend to lose their lower leaves which gives them a palm-like shape that is attractive but may get too top-heavy after some time.

If the plant gets too tall there are a few remedies. Air- layering is the most successful method. Please ask us or research the process of air-layering details. Dieffenbachia also respond well to chopping of the plant at a desired height and planting the top which should root.

The original topped plant should begin growing again and branch at the point it was chopped. You can also grow new dieffenbachia from stem segments that contain 3-4 growth rings. All of these procedures are fun to do at home and we can guide you through them. These procedures should be done during the spring or early summer when the plant is actively growing.

The common name of dieffenbachia is “dumb cane” and refers to the toxic sap of the plant which contains calcium oxalate crystals which can cause painful and dangerous swelling of the mouth and throat. So KEEP DIEFFENBACHIA OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN, PETS, and anyone else who thinks eating houseplants is a good idea. And wash your hands after you play with or prune any of your plants.

Commonly found cultivars include ‘Mariana’, ‘Perfection’, ‘Carina’, ‘Tropic Snow’, and ‘Sparkles’.

dieffenbachia discolor

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