Monstera friedrichsthalii (synonymous with adansonii) is a glossy, evergreen, tropical vine native to regions of Peru, Ecuador, and Brazil.

Monstera is a genus of plants whose species can change their leaf shapes throughout their life. This has made it difficult for botanists to classify Monstera species, which explains why this particular species has so many synonyms. It also shares a common name with a different species, deliciosa, the Swiss Cheese Plant.

We like this particular species because it grows a bit slower than deliciosa, keeping it smaller for longer, which is nice in small spaces. Monstera needs support from a moss pole or a sturdy stake. If the plant is not staked, it will spread out horizontally. Aerial roots can be pushed into a moss pole or back into the soil. Plant can reach up to 6 feet, or more.

monstera discolor

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