planting houseplants


  • A new houseplant.
  • A pot that is one size larger than the container the plant is in currently – no more than a 2” increase in diameter. The pot should have drain holes. If the container does not have drain holes, drill them or ask us if we can do it for you. Do not put gravel or rocks in the bottom of the pot. This raises the water table causing rot.
  • Tools – gloves, tongs, chopsticks, pruners and a trowel are all good to have on hand depending on what you’re potting.
  • Fresh potting soil that suits your new houseplant’s needs. There are a lot of ideas about what constitutes perfect soil blends for specific plants (try googling ‘best potting soils’ and see what you get) – this is a basic chart based on soils we usually stock, and our staffs’ experiences growing in these soils.
Cactus Mix African Violet Mix Orchid Mix/Bark All Purpose Mix
Cacti Gesneriads – African violets, Gloxinias, Streptocarpus Epiphytic orchids (tree-dwelling orchids) Most houseplants that are not listed thrive in All Purpose blends.
Succulents Begonias   Palms & Ferns
Hoyas     Terrestrial orchids

Opus Grows #2 – Aroids like Monsteras, Anthuriums, Philodendrons love this cocoa-based water retentive soil blend.

Houseplants for all seasons

From Aloe to Zygopetalum, we cover the alphabet with choices for your home or office; plants for your brightest window or your darkest corner, those that willa love the humidity near your shower or prefer a dry, sunny spot. Orchids, succulents, indoor bonsai and cactus. We have them all. You'll find our featured houseplants below. We carry our largest of houseplants at our Division location. This is only a brief list.