Eriophyllum lanatum is an easy-going native perennial, bothered by almost nothing except too much water. Want something for that sunny spot beyond the reach of your irrigation? This might be just what you need.

A highly variable plant, depending largely on growing conditions, it can range from four to twenty-four inches in height, in a garden setting typically reaching somewhere in the middle. Delicately and deeply lobed leaves are a grayish green, all the more 'wooly' in appearance due to their covering by soft white hairs.

This grayish hue is the perfect foil for the dazzlingly bright yellow of the daisy like flowers – in the same way that an overcast day highlights the colors in the garden – which freely cover the plant in a long bloom time, generally May into July. These bright and cheery flowers attract numerous species of beneficial insects and butterflies.

This is one plant that Willamette Valley gardeners could easily kill with kindness. It's at home in dry, rocky conditions; drought tolerant in a big way once established, it is best to think of this plant in a rock garden, trough, or in that almost-nothing-will-grow-there parking strip.

Eriophyllum lanatum2

Eriophyllum quamash: Oregon Sunshine

Soft fuzzy blue-green leaves add texture and color to a native plant palette that tends toward green.

A great addition to help attract butterflies and numerous beneficial insects to your garden, and make you feel just a little bit sunnier, regardless of the weather!