Coreopsis 'coreopsis

Coreopsis flowers are so much fun in the garden landscape! These carefree perennials are literally covered with brilliant, freshly colored flowers all summer and into the fall.

Their single heads on tall, slim stems create a full habit that adds a bright playfulness to the garden. It looks beautiful as a lively accent near trees and shrubs, in containers or planted up on a green roof (like ours at the nursery is!).

The abundant flowers come in a broad array of colors and combinations from creamy yellow, radiant oranges and reds, to vibrant hot pink and are generally about 1-2” diameter each. Many species grow to around 2-3’ tall and wide, although some grow as small as 8” and others over 5’. The leaves vary from simple, dissected to ferny. Talk about diversity!

Coreopsis is a tough perennial that thrives in full sun in the cottage boarder, intense parking strip or mixed container. A versatile plant which combines well with echinacea, grasses and perovskia.

There are now literally dozens of varieties available of these long bloomers- Many are great cut flowers and attract butterflies. Coreopsis is a group that breeders are having fun playing with right now- which will mean more amazing types for us all to drool over! Below is listed a few of our new favorites and some classics you will want to try as well.

Coreopsis grandifolia

Coreopsis 'earlysunrise'

Coreopsis ‘Early sunrise’

Double, rich yellow flowers 20”h, 18”w.

Award winner Zones 4-9.

Coreopsis 'flyingsaucers'

Coreopsis ‘Flying Saucers’

Vigorous, compact plant 18”h & w.

Dark yellow semi-double flowers.

Great cut flower.

Zone 5-9.

Coreopsis 'jethrotull'

Coreopsis ‘Jethro Tull’

Compact, free blooming yellow flowers with tubular petals.

12-18”h, 18-24”w

Zones 5-9

Coreopsis tinctoria - Annuals

Coreopsis 'mahoganymidget'

Coreopsis ‘Mahogany Midget’

A gorgeous annual variety with rich, single mahogany flowers.

Grows 10”h&w.

Great for borders and containers.

Coreopsis verticillata

Coreopsis 'moonbeam'

Coreopsis ‘Moonbeam’

Fine, feathery foliage is topped with 1” lemon yellow flowers June-August or September.

Grows 18” h&w.

Zone 4.

Coreopsis 'Coreopsis 'Show Stopper'

Coreopsis 'Show Stopper'

Bright rosy pink single flowers June-September.

Grows 24" tall 30"wide.

Hardy to zone 5.

Coreopsis 'zagreb'

Coreopsis ‘Zagreb’

Feathery foliage adds great texture to the garden as soon as it emerges in spring.

Bright yellow single flowers June-August or September. 12-18”h, 15”w

Zone 4.

Coreopsis hybrids

The wild array of hybrid coreopsis includes:

Coreopsis 'zagreb'

Coreopsis 'Big Bang series'

Bread for good branching and low seed production which in turn promotes heavier flowering.

Coreopsis 'Day Break'

Coreopsis ‘Day Break’

Stunning red petals with yellow tips.

Compact growing to 6-12" tall and wide.

Perfect for containers

Coreopsis 'fullmoon'

Coreopsis ‘Full Moon’

Large, butter yellow flowers on a free blooming plant.

24-30”h, 18”w.

Coreopsis 'redshift'

Coreopsis ‘Red Shift’

This fabulous plant has flowers that are yellow with a red eye in the heat of summer but change to more ruby tones as the weather cools.

24-30”h, 18”w.

Coreopsis 'Red Satin'

Coreopsis 'Red Satin'

Deep red single flowers June-September.

Grows 18"tall 24" wide.

Coreopsis 'garnet'

Coreopsis ‘Garnet’

A Terra Nova introduction with rosy pink flowers June through September.

Grows 18"tall 24"wide.

Hardy to zone 7

Coreopsis 'rubyfrost'

Coreopsis ‘Ruby Frost’

Stunning ruby red, single flowers with an irregular white edge.

24-26”h, 28”w

Zone 7-9.

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