Hardy Cyclamen Species

Incredibly unique flowers with reflexed petals is just one of the charms of cyclamen. Hardy varieties are and enchanting ground cover that can thrive under some of the most difficult growing conditions.

They can carpet an area of dry shade under Rhododendrons. Cyclamen are especially cheery with Hellebores and sweet box (Saracocca). Since many species originate from the Mediterranean and Middle East, they go summer dormant. With this in mind it is important to plant them in areas that do not receive a lot of summer water and heavily acidic soils. An established Daphne would be another good companion for hardy cyclamen.

Once established, hardy cyclamen will reseed. Sometimes seeds are spread by birds that favor their sweet coating. All species require very little maintenance.

Cyclamen coum

Cyclamen coum

Blooms late December through March in shades of pink and sometimes white.

Rounded heart shaped leaves with silver markings fall through spring.

Less vigorous than Cyclamen hederifolium.

Grows 4" tall 8-12" wide.

Zone 5 (15°F).

C. hederifolium

Cyclamen hederifolium

Flowers in varying shades of pink and white bloom in fall

Gorgeous arrow-shaped mottled leaves emerge after flowers and persist through spring.

Grows 4"tall and spreads indefinitely.

More sun tolerant than other species.

Zones 6-9.

Cyclamen purpurescens

Cyclamen purpurascens

Pink flowers July through September

Year-round heart shaped green or mottled leaves

Grows 2" tall

Zones 5 to 8.

Cyclamen 'Miracle Mix'

Florist Cyclamen

In the Pacific Northwest Florist's cyclamen, Cyclamen persicum, are considered annuals or houseplants because they do not tolerate temperatures below 25ºF for extended periods of time. They can successfully grow on a protected porch to provide blooms all winter.

Florist's cyclamen, with its large flowers and long bloom season brings a special brightness and texture to fall, winter, and spring containers. Other winter flowers cover a range of subdued colors, but these flowers are big and bright and remind us that another season is always just around the corner. Plus many varieties are fragrant too! Not only do they have charming flowers, but they also have beautiful heart-shaped leaves with unique silver markings. Florist's cyclamen make the perfect gift for the winter season.

Cyclamen White Mini

Cyclamen White mini

Cyclamen Frilly Mix

Cyclamen Frilly Mix

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