The Gold Collection of Helleboruss offers a natural progression of blooms from November through March. Selected by Heuger Trading in Europe, these Helleboruss make wonderful hostess gifts, and dress up any container or garden bed. Many have been selected for outward facing, cream flowers with accents of green or antique rose.

The bloom sequence begins in early November with Joel and Jonas soon followed by Jacob with its red stems. Joseph Lemper is next in line with green stems and blooms that fade to apple green. Starting in early January, many more of the collection begin to bloom. Ice Breaker Pico opens with creamy flowers that fade to antique rose. Shooting star fountains into bloom with long red stems of creamy white flowers that age to rose. Merlin is one of the last to bloom with a true magic show. Blooms start off pale pink in February, fading to deep cranberry by April.

This collection of Helleboruss grows 9-18" tall 9-24" wide depending on variety. They prefer morning sun, good drainage and are cold hardy in zones 4 and 5. By planting different varieties with overlapping bloom times you can have color from November to April that are sure to delight the fairies and inspire woodland magic.

Helleborus 'Niger'
Helleborus 'Niger Jacob'
Helleborus Rosemary
Helleborus 'Rosemary'
Helleborus 'Merlin'
Helleborus 'Merlin'
Helleborus 'Shooting Star'
Helleborus 'Shooting Star'
Helleborus 'Ice breaker fancy'
Helleborus 'Ice Breaker Pico'
Helleborus 'Joseph and Jacob'
Helleborus 'Joseph & Jacob'
'Pink Frost'
Helleborus 'Pink Frost'
Helleborus 'Joseph Lemper'
Helleborus 'Joseph Lemper'

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