Iberis is a spring-blooming favorite for yards and containers. Profuse white flower clusters blanket the narrow, evergreen leaves throughout spring. Their fragrance will attract a wide variety of butterflies and bees. The attractive plant is fast-growing and very low-maintenance. Use the bright white flowers to highlight other colors in the spring garden!

The low-growing habit of Iberis sempervirens makes it an excellent edging plant for borders, paths or sidewalks. It looks especially stunning in rock gardens or cascading over ledges. It is also a beautiful evergreen addition in containers and window boxes.  Candytuft combines beautiful with other cascading perennials such as Lithodora, Aubrieta and Helianthemum.


Iberis 'Alexander's White'

Iberis 'Alexander's White'

Low growing and early flowering with large clusters of white flowers.

Grows to 10" tall and 12" wide

Iberis 'Little Gem'

Iberis 'Little Gem'

A dwarf and compact variety with very tight, small clusters of white flowers.

Grows only 6" tall and up to 15" wide

Iberis 'Masterpiece

Iberis 'Masterpiece'

Extra large flowers with pink centers

Grows 12" tall by 18" wide.

Zones 8-9.

Iberis 'Purity

Iberis 'Purity'

Very dense, prolific flowers and a compact growth habit.

Grows to 8" tall and up to 12" wide.

Zone 3.

Iberis 'Snowcone

Iberis 'Snowcone'

Pure white flowers earlier than other cultivars

Grows 6-12" tall by 18-24" wide.

Zone 4.

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