Planting Combinations

Hanging baskets, window boxes and containers filled with colorful, seasonal blooms always makes an impact in the summer garden.

Begonia ‘Bonfire’

Some flowering annuals need regular fertilizer, dead heading to really look great all season, others putter out in the summer heat. Luckily there are several options for easy care and maximum show. With life so busy it is great to have a bright combination that doesn’t require weekly fertilizer. A few simple tricks at planting time and good watering will ensure color all season!

Featured Plants

Begonia ‘Bonfire’
Begonia ‘Bonfire
Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost’
Euphorbia ‘Diamond Frost’
Lobelia 'Laguna Sky Blue’
Lobelia ‘Laguna Sky Blue’

This combination packs a punch by featuring complimentary colors. Not only is it easy to care for, but it will thrive in a variety of situations. For top flower production these plants need 2-8 hours of direct sun or all day filtered sun. It’s perfect for that spot that only gets a few hours of hot afternoon sun.

Plant spacing

A 12” hanging basket, pot or window box will hold 2 Begonia ‘Bonfire’ 1 Euphorbia ‘Diamond Frost’ and 2 Lobelia ‘Laguna ‘Sky Blue’. Place the Euphorbia in the middle of the planter and then the Begonias and Lobelia alternating around.

If you have a 14” basket add one more of the Begonia and Lobelia. For a larger planter you can simply add more of the same plants in a variety of creative ways.

An important trick is to mix a slow release (such as Osmocote) AND a starter fertilizer (such as EB Stone Sure Start) in the soil BEFORE planting your container. It will look fabulous until our first fall frost in late October early November (for the Portland area).