Shrubs add beauty and structure without adding a lot of work. Brightly adorned with bold colors or buttoned-up like boxwood, little and big, prickly and soft, we offer a giant selection for year-round enjoyment.

Shrubs have an essential role in creating the look and feel you want in your yard and often have the added benefit of easy care.

Shrubs add…

  • vibrant color
  • fragrance
  • easy maintenance
  • privacy
  • wildlife habitat
  • structure

hardy shrubs

Tropical Shrubs


"I recently moved into a new house, and my neighbors aren't exactly what I dreamed of -- What do you have in the way of quite fast growing shrubs for privacy?”

This is a common question year 'round. Privacy is important!

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You can also print out this helpful handout on planting screens.

Plants for Hedges & Screens

columnar shrubs

We have a number of features on native shrubs that will help with addition of natives to your garden. Visit our Native page for details.

Shrubs such as Oregon Grape, Snowberry, Mock Orange, Huckleberry and Salmon Berry.