Plant research and production began when Butterfly Bush (Buddleia davidii) was taken off of the market in 2008.

The mission was to find Buddleia that are seedless, since the Butterfly Bush that we had all fallen in love with reproduces at an incredible rate & bullies its way into waterways, street-sides & pastures.

Several varieties of Seedless Butterfly Bush are the result of this research, with each year bringing more great selections. The Oregon Department of Agriculture has approved all available varieties, with one caveat: We can't call it Butterfly Bush any more. In their view, Butterfly Bush is synonymous with the seedy type (B. davidii). So when you're shopping for the new seedless forms, look for plants with the common names Summer Lilac, Nectar Bush or Seedless Butterfly Bush.

Read more about the review process and ODA rules here.

Why did we fall in love with Butterfly Bush in the first place? That's easy. Summer flowers that smell delicious and feed butterflies and hummingbirds, frosty blue-green leaves, drought tolerance and fast growth.

The new seedless Buddleia don't have as broad a range of colors as before (no dark purple yet) but the range of mature sizes is broader (2' to 15') and so as long as you have a good splash of afternoon sunshine, there is a Buddleia that will fit your yard.

Buddleia 'Asian Moon'
Buddleia 'Asian Moon'

Buddleia 'Asian Moon'

Lavender flowers in long cone shape clusters have good rich color and smell great.

Grows 7' X 5', Zone 6.

Buddleia Low & Behold 'Blue Chip Jr.'

Lavender flowers in cone shape clusters, blue-green leaves and dwarf stature.

Grows 2-3' x 2-3', Zone 5.

Buddleia Flutterby Petite 'Snow White'

White flowers in small light clusters in spring & summer.

Grows 2-3' X 2-3', Zone 5.

Buddleia globosa
Buddleia globosa: Orange Ball Tree

Buddleia globosa: Orange Ball Tree

Sherbet orange flowers in tight round clusters in May, green leaves, fast upright growth.

Grows 10-15' X 8-12', Zone 7 -10°f.

Buddleia 'Ice Chip'

Deer resistant and seedless with white flowers throughout the summer.

Grows 18-24” x 24-36”, Zone 5.

Buddleia 'Purple Haze'

Deer resistant and seedless with blue-green foliage and scented, lavender flowers throughout the summer.

Grows 4-6' X 4-5', Zone 5.