Camellias are one of the most-loved garden shrubs in Portland. They are festooned with flowers for months and if planned correctly, one could have Camellias blooming in one's garden for six months of the year!

In summer, when finished with the work of blooming, their evergreen leaves and strong stature make a great screen or hedge. Year-round, Camellias are good habitat plants for wildlife as well. Hummingbirds feed on winter flowers and thick foliage provides cover for critters.

The Camellias that are most commonly found in nurseries can be divided into three groups: Winter-blooming - Camellia sasanqua, spring-blooming - Camellia japonica and Camellias for tea - Camellia sinensis.

We carry around fifty varieties of Camellia but these are some Portland Nursery favorites:

camellia 'winter 's snowman'

Camellia 'Winter's Snowman'

A winter-flowering hybrid with anemone form flowers November to February accompanied by red new foliage that turns green with age. 'Winter's Snowman' is more cold tolerant than most Camellias.

Grows 10-12’ x 5-6', part shade, Z6

camellia 'Pink Icicle'

Camellia 'Pink Icicle'

Pretty pink peony-form flowers from December to February. 'Pink Icicle' is more cold tolerant than most Camellias.

Grows to 8-10’ x 6’. Zone 6

Camelia1106 (5896883340)

Camellia japonica 'Magnoliaeflora'

Exquisite flower structure and pretty ballet pink collaborate to form 'Magnoliaeflora'. Technically this is a semi-double flower form, but the large waxy pointed petals add definition that keeps flowers from looking too frilly. Glossy evergreen leaves and upright shape.

Grows 8-10' x 6-8'. Zone 8

Camellia japonica 'Tom Knudsen'

Camellia japonica 'Tom Knudsen'

Bodacious red buds open to formal double flowers of darkest red. Blooms in March-April. Large glossy leaves cloak a sturdy upright form.

Grows 8-10' x 6-8', sun-part shade - protect from hottest afternoon sun. Zone 8.

camellia 'setsugekka'

Camellia sasanqua 'Setsugekka'

Sweet-smelling white single form flowers with yellow stamens and ruffled edges blooms November to January. Graceful upright habit.

Grows 8-10’ tall, 6-8’ wide. Zone 7

camellia 'Shiahigashira

Camellia sasanqua 'Shishigashira'

Darkest pink semi-double flowers with light sweet scent occur in December-February. 'Shishigashira's' shape is different from other Camellias - it's fountainous, low and wide.

Grows 4-5' tall x 6-8' wide, sun-part shade - protect from hot afternoon sun. Zone 7.

camellia 'yuletide'

Camellia sasanqua 'Yuletide'

Our most popular Camellia, and justly so.  Chinese lacquer red single flowers with yellow stamens and a sweet scent bloom before, during and after Christmas. Sturdy upright habit.

Grows 8-10' x 6-8', Z7

Camellia sinensis 'Sochi'

Camellia sinensis 'Sochi'

Tea Camellia leaves are used to make green and black teas. Nodding white or pink flowers appear in October and have a light sweet scent. Leaves are soft and flexible.

Grows 6-8' x 6-8', protect from hot summer sun and cold winter wind, Zone 7.