Abies balsamea

Abies balsamea: Balsam Fir

Native to Northeastern US & Canada - Slender cone shape maturing to 50’ tall, 20’ wide – crushed needles smell like the forest – transplants easily because of shallow root system.  Zone 3.

Abies fraseri: Fraser Fir

Native to the Appalachian Mountains in Southeastern US – Dense pyramidal shape becomes more open with age, growing to 30-40’ tall & 20’ wide – Zone 4.

Abies grandis500

Abies grandis: Grand Fir

Native to the Pacific Northwest – Fragrant needles are arranged in rows on opposite sides of the branch, resembling the tines of a comb – New growth is bright lime green, dotting the tree with soft green tips – Grand fir grows about 12” per year, and can grow very large given time. The largest specimens are up to 300 feet! Hardy Zone 6.

Abies koreana: Korean Fir

Silvery gray new growth turns dark green with blue reverse. Produces purple cones at a young age – Grows in a symmetrical, uniform pyramid, about 12” a year to 30’ in time. Hardy Zone 5.

Abies koreanahorstmann

Abies koreana 'Horstmann's Silberlocke'

A Korean Fir with superb, fat, twisted needles that reveal silvery white undersides - grows slowly to a 30' pyramid.

Abies nordmanniana500

Abies nordmaniana: Nordman Fir

A Portland Nursery Staff favorite, Nordman Fir has particularly glossy fat bright green needles, with a very uniform symmetrical habit. Adapts well to different soils and will work growing in a container for awhile. Hardy Zone 4.

Abies pinsapo: Spanish Fir

Native to the mountains of Spain.  The Spanish Fir has stiff short pokey needles that are arranged in circles around the branches. It grows about 12-15”/yr in a pyramidal form, reaching about 12’ x 6’ in 10 yrs., 60’ in time. Hardy Zone 7.

Abies pinsapo_aurea

Abies pinsapo 'Aurea'

Needles look frosted with buttercream – grows slower than species, about 6' per year to 25'.

Abies pinsapo_glauca

Abies pinsapo 'Glauca'

Frosty blue-green sharp needles, grows in a pyramid shape, possibly faster than the species to 60’+.

Abies procera500

Abies procera: Noble Fir

Native to the Cascade Mountains and the Coast Range from Washington to northwest California. Symmetrical pyramid to narrow tall tree, growing 50-100’ in cultivation and much larger in the wild. Noble Fir is a popular cut Christmas tree because its strong tiered branching habit is perfect for hanging ornaments. In cultivation, Noble Firs need improved soil drainage, and a moist cool site. They prefer to be in containers for only a short time, no more than one year. Hardy Zone 5.

Photo credits to Jim Coughlin, Portland Nursery and Oregon State University.

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