Larix decidua 'Pendula'

Larix decidua 'Pendula': Weeping Larch

This is the most popular cultivar here at the nursery. Bright green needles in spring turn gold before dropping in fall. If a weeping Larch is trained to form a trunk, the leader can be trained in any direction & will reach 10-12' x 6-8' in 10 years. All side branches weep to the ground.

Weeping Larch can also grow without a leader along the ground or spill over the side of a pot.

Larix gmelini  'Romberg Park'

Larix gmelinii 'Romberg Park': Dahurian Larch

A cute round dwarf form of Larch, perfect for rock gardens. Soft green needles turn orange before dropping in autumn, short stiff branches are almost as decorative bare as with foliage.

Dwarf, grows 2-3"/yr, 2' x 3' in 10 years.

Larix kaempferi

Larix kaempferi or Larix leptolepis: Japanese Larch

Native to Japanese forests, this form grows fast and upright in a pyramid shape. It's a traditional subject for bonsai.

Larix laricina 'Deborah Waxman'

Larix laricina 'Deborah Waxman': Eastern Larch

Most dwarf Larch grow in a round or irregular shape. Not so with 'Deborah Waxman'. It forms a super cute pyramid shape, perfect for most city gardens. Blue-green needles in spring turn gold before dropping in autumn. 

Grows 3-6"/yr, 5' x 3' in 10 years.

Larix occidentalis

Larix occidentalis Western Larch

Our native Larch grows at high elevations east of the Cascade Mountains in Oregon & Washington, Northern Idaho & Canada. It grows fast to 100-200', has a narrow open crown, and a trunk 4' in diameter. Magnificent indeed.

Larix 'Deborah Waxman'

Larixs 'Deborah Waxman'

Larix 'Deborah Waxman'

Female Cone

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