As autumn nears we begin to look for mornings to chill & leaves to brighten. Sourwood is one of many trees to provide the gold, scarlet & purple that dots our neighborhoods in fall. Lacy strands of creamy berries show against the coloring leaves as well, adding graceful texture.

Sourwood is equally at home as a center piece or natural planting & is small enough to fit most city yards.


Just one species exists, Oxydendrum arboreum. Flowers are creamy white bells held on chains & blooming in August. Pointed oval leaves are green & turn bright yellow, red & purple in fall before dropping. Fruit is creamy yellow & shows against the leaves as they change color into fall. Bark looks like gray alligator skin. The tree is upright with a round head & slow-growing

oxydendrum arboreum
oxydendrum arboreum  Fall color