Swiss Chard

Not only is swiss chard a good heat ­of ­the­ summer spinach substitute, it’s also a looker! Check out varieties like ‘Bright Lights’ that have stunning, almost neon, color contrasts between leaves and stems.

Site Requirements

Chard is not particularly fussy but will always thrive in well-drained, fertile soil.


Plant out 2 weeks before last spring frost in a sunny situation. Give plants about 12” room between each other.


Unnecessary, but an all-purpose should be sufficient.


Try to harvest only the outer leaves, so the inner core will keep producing. Pull from the base with a slight twist to make a clean break.


Treat chard as you would spinach, eating fresh, steamed, or freezing in plastic bags.


Bright Lights

Dark green foliage held up by brilliantly hued stems in neon colors ranging from pink to yellow, sometimes even striped. Mild flavor. Resembles a crisp spinach/lettuce. Matures in 1-2 months. Reaches a height of 20".

Rhubarb Chard

This one is a beautiful, rich scarlet red stemmed variety. Reaches a height of 20".

Bright Yellow

Just the neon yellow stems which are a great contrast to the deep green foliage. Reaches a height of 20".

Swiss Chard



Swiss Chard

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