Vines add an air of romance to the garden, scrambling over a fence, tumbling across an arbor or twining up a pole.

They can be very practical as well; use them to create privacy and to hide unsightly garden areas.


  • add vertical dimension to a garden space
  • are quick privacy screens
  • attract hummingbirds & butterflies
  • need the support of a sturdy trellis or arbor
Passion Flower

china blue vine

  • Actinidia kolomitka – Arctic Beauty Kiwi
  • Akebia – Chocolate Vine
  • Holboellia coriacea – China Blue Vine
  • Hydrangea anomala petiolaris – Climbing Hydrangea
  • Schizophragma – Hydrangea Vine

  • Akebia – Chocolate Vine
  • Clematis armandii – Evergreen Clematis
  • Humulus – Hops link
  • Lonicera heckrottii – Goldflame Honeysuckle
  • Jasminum officinale – Poet’s Jasmine
  • Parthenocissus – Boston Ivy or Virginia Creeper
  • Passiflora caerulea – Blue Crown Passionflower
  • Solanum crispum ‘Glasnevin’ – Purple Potato Vine
  • Vitis – Grape
  • Wisteria


Climbing roses are not really vines. In truth they are just regular roses with very very long canes. If left to their own devices they would arch and ramble and make a giant thorny, pretty when flowering, thicket. But with a little training and tying up, they serve the same function as traditional vines.

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Vines for year-round interest.

Vines have an essential role in creating the look and feel you want in your yard and often have the added benefit of easy care.